Production / Shipping Updates

Religion 01 Production

 ** (Last edited 1/8/22) **

All shoes ordered from our release on November 19th - 20th are in production with our factory as of last Wednesday (11/24/21).  Please stay patient with us as every shoe is hand crafted. Please allow 1 week left for production to be finished due to high demand, & 1 week shipping once all the shoes are fully produced.

Refunds/Returns will NOT be eligible for this release, as production on all orders has already started. More details about our shipping/return policy on our Terms & Conditions page.

UPDATE 1 :  Soles & Tongues for the shoes are getting produced now. All materials and logos are ready and our factory is working hard to get everything made for the sewing process.

UPDATE 2:  Shoe boxes have finished production.

UPDATE 3: Soles have finished production.

UPDATE 4: Sewing has started, and all shoes will be fully finished this week (Week of December 27th-31st)

UPDATE 5: All shoes have been shipped to our fulfillment center. We are now waiting for everything to arrive so we can start fulfilling.


Thank you everyone for all your support & patience. We will be updating this page as often as possible!

Please email us if you have any questions about your order